How to write a research paper step-by-step?

How to write a research paper step-by-step?

A research paper is that which everyone may have used in their life. If you are a student, then the research papers are the reality of life and something that you will be writing until the last day of graduation. Every proper research starts with a good topic which makes a good report. If you think that it is impossible to find the issue, then you can do one thing that is checked several problems from the internet, or you can also check research example paper MLA to know about the research report. The topic which you have selected that should be too broad all points can be covered. There are some steps which help you in making your story graceful and provide a good impact on the reader.

The steps are as followed:


It is the best idea for those people who are writing a research paper. The framework will help you in creating some sense in your mind and keep them in an organized manner so your essay will flow well. You can make some outline which is based on historical events.

Writing your paper

Each research carries its statement, but the research paper has different title pages, abstract, body, and conclusion. Thus, each part has a specific purpose. Before the starting of any research, you have to ensure that you may know the style which you have chosen.


The purpose of entry is to state the name of your topic and other important information like the author’s name. It appears on the top of the first page in the left-hand side margin. The title should be centered, capitalizes, and bold because it is the central aspect of any research.

Abstract and information

The summary should contain main ideas and thoughts of the paper but not the proper content. The introduction is made from the abstract which shows the actual meaning of the topic. It carries near about 3-4 pages of any research, and the senior project contains the thesis statement.


The body of any research is full of content which explains each point. In organization there are several heading should be used to describe the complete study.


The conclusion is the short summery entire body of research. As we can say that it is the closing of study that includes the final statements and sum up. It is shorter than the introduction paragraph.

These are the steps which make a perfect research paper. If you use these steps, then your research report may attract the reader. Try to use some thesis statements which make the research more interesting.